Partnership with

Partnership with

Our Company appreciates partnership and supports its partners, providing surprising bonuses! offers popular services, such as a website builder, developing individual commercial websites, buying hosting and domains, SMM.

By taking part in our partnership program you can find more customers for and get more dividends. The more customers you have, the more dividends you receive!

You’ll receive income for every customer. There is no limit or restriction

If you wish to become our partner, you need to apply for partnership, sending a specific request to our email address. We will process your request, and once it is approved, your “Customer” status will be replaced with “Partner”, which will be accompanied by a special notification. If you do not receive such a notification, you can’t consider yourself to be a partner.

We offer the following partnership programs for you:

  1. Purchasing our services for third parties
    You order constructor services via your account as a Partner. When the quantity of orders reaches 10, you will receive a $30 bonus per order. When the quantity is between 10 and 30, you’ll get $40 per order. Starting from your 31st order, you’ll receive $50 per order.
  2. “Bring a friend and get a discount”
    You have advertised us and offered us to your new Customer. In this case you should provide us with the Customer’s information (the email that will be used by the Customer when placing an order), so we can identify it and link it to you.
    You will receive a $30 bonus per customer regardless of the quantity of orders.
  3. Individual order through your partnership
    If you bring a customer who orders a custom (corporative) website, you’ll receive a one-off bonus that is equal to 10% of the amount of the order. In case of ordering long-term services, such as SMM, you’ll receive the mentioned bonus for the first month of using the service.

We monitor the customers you bring to us. At the same time, we do not set any time frames on that matter, so we take into account the total quantity of the customers you have brought to us.

In order to receive your bonuses, you must request us to provide a payment by sending an email. The transfer of the bonuses will be done by transferring money to the bank account you have provided us with (all data are filled in accordance with our privacy policy you have read and confirmed). A Partner is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the provided data.

We’d like you to know that the Company reserves the right to decline your request for partnership or to terminate the partnership if we become aware of any illegal and/or detractive activities of the Partner.