iWebsite.eu service refund policy

iWebsite.eu service refund policy

We appreciate our Customers, which is why the Company is ready to compromise with them in order to achieve comprehensive cooperation and to meet the demands of every party.

The following terms and conditions are applied to everyone who visits our website and uses our services, and specifies the cases when the Company can refund the payment (or its part) for a specific service.

The Company provides a full refund* in the following cases:

  1. When the service is paid, but the Company hasn’t processed the request and hasn’t provided the Customer with the necessary documents to fill them in, and the Customer has emailed us the notification that he or she has chosen not to use the service.
  2. When the service is paid and the Company’s employees contacted the Customer as well as sent the necessary documents to fill them in, but then the Customer declaimed he or she wanted to refuse the service and to terminate the contract.
  3. The Customer has filled in the document provided by the Company and sent it to the Company to process it, but informed us about cancelling the order within 4 business hours from the delivery.

The company refunds half the payment* if:

  1. The company completed the order and placed the ready-to-use project on its server for the Customer’s review, after which the Customer refused the project.
    In this case, the Company can offer the Customer to order a new project (corporate website or internet store) with a 20% discount.
  2. The Customer was notified the project was ready and he or she could review it on the Company’s server later than in two business days from the moment the Customer sent the filled in order form (except for the facts when the delay occurred due to common force majeure). In this case the Customer is also guaranteed to get a new project.**

All other cases which are not described above will be considered by the Company individually and on its own.

In order to get a refund, the Customer must send a specific request to the company’s email from the email provided by the Customer during registration. The request will be processed within 2 business days after its delivery to the Company’s email.

We'd like you to know that the sum of the refund may differ from the original sum of the payment due to an exchange rate difference and third parties’ fees. The Company is not responsible for the exchange rate difference and third parties’ fees.

The refund will be provided in the same currency as the original payment for the Company’s services and the same way the payment was done. The refund is usually done within 30 days from the Company’s approval of Your request regarding cancelling the order and terminating the contract.

If you live in a country which law guarantees a longer return period, of course, we’ll be glad to meet the requirements of the law.

If You do not request us to cancel the service and to refund the payment once the mentioned above circumstances appear, the payment will not be returned. Besides, if we find out that your request for canceling the order is unfair and is done in order to avoid the payment for the services, we reserve the right to refuse the refund.

At the same time, we’d like to draw your attention to the circumstances when the payment can’t be refunded:

  1. If the project that was received and brought into service was blocked or banned by third parties due to breaking the Ukrainian law or the law of other countries by the Customer (posting unfair and/or restricted, dishonest information on the website, intellectual property rights violation in order to provide illegal activities, etc) or when the project was hacked or subjected to cyber attacks.
  2. If the payment was done for a mediator’s order on behalf of third parties, such as buying a domain, hosting, etc.

The terms of providing each service or project that is purchased are available on the Company’s website and/or provided to a Customer when purchasing specific services.

A Customer must assure that the order for a service can be canceled before purchasing the service. The Company will not return payments done for non-refundable paid services or third-parties’ services.

In deciding to order services on website.eu and to pay for them, a Customer confirms that he or she is aware of the return policy and agrees with it.

*A full refund or half a refund means the funds excluding third parties’ fees at the exchange rate for the transaction day.

**This rule is applied to orders for one-page websites and doesn’t cover individual orders.