Privacy Policy

    1. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter - Policy) is a set of rules that regulates the usage and processing of Internet users’ data (hereinafter - User), which can be received by the Company iWebSite LTD (hereinafter – Company/We) when providing services with the help of the The Policy is developed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 dated 27.04.2016 (GDPR).
    2. By registering on the (hereinafter - Website), you allow the Company and its employees to process all the data you’ve filled in to provide you with proper quality services. The latter can imply sharing the data with third parties who organize, manage and support an address range in the Internet, and who store these data on servers connected to the Internet. You also agree that providing access to your private date and sharing it with the third parties can be done without any additional requests or messages, but only if the primary purpose of their use remains the same and this is done in accordance with the Policy and/or Ukrainian laws.
    3. When ordering services and having provided your personal information, including the data provided with the help of third parties, you allow us to process your personal data in accordance with this Policy.
    4. By accepting this Policy, you confirm that when providing your personal data you were informed of the third parties who are shared with your personal information as well as its nature and purpose of sharing. You confirm (guarantee) that all personal data you have provided us with have been provided with the approval of their owners and in accordance with Ukrainian laws.
    5. The administrator of the database of the Website users is the Company, which was established and operates in accordance with laws, and is located on 1 Paradise Place, London, England, SE18 5EE.
    6. The Company doesn’t check the personal data and other information provided by the User for accuracy, and can’t determine his or her legal capacity. However, the Company is premised on the idea that the User acts honestly and in a gingerly manner, providing valid and accurate personal data, as well as does his or her best to keep them up to date, and doesn’t interfere with the right of third parties. The Company is not responsible for the fairness and validity of the information you have provided us with.
    7. Personal data of Website users are processed on secured servers, which can be located either in the United Kingdom or in other countries. In some cases, personal information of users can be processed outside their own countries.
    8. Users must be aware of and agree with the fact that some links found on the Website can redirect users to websites (apps, etc) of other companies out of the Company’s hosting, where a user’s personal information can be gathered without the Company’s control. In such cases, the privacy policies of websites and/or third parties’ applications will regulate the processing of the data received by these third parties from users.
    9. By registering on the Website, You confirm that you’re familiar with the list of your rights as a data-subject.
    1. In order to provide its services and carry out obligations, the Company processes a user’s personal data to the extent required for providing its services. We reserve the right to require additional personal information if necessary.
    2. When filling in online-forms, You provide the following information, which includes your personal data, such as your surname, name, father’s name, email address, login, phone or mobile phone number.
      For the proper implementation of the service, You may be requested additional information, including, but not limited to, your resident country, work location, position held, date of birth, education, links to your social media, payment information/bank records, photos, etc. Along with that, the Company asks you to give us only those personal data that are required for providing a chosen service, receiving newsletters or answering your special request. At the same time, if you’re willing to provide us with additional personal information, we will also be able to process it with the required level of protection.
    3. The Company reserves the right to settle requirements for the subject of the personal data that must be provided when using the online-service. If some information is not marked by the Company as obligatory, its providing or sharing is done by the User on his or her own.
    4. When creating the User’s account on the Website, the Company can request some specific information, such as the real email address and password.
    5. When Users contact customer support, the Company can gather personal information that is necessary for addressing the User’s request and receive feedback if needed, but only to the extent of website operation. The Company can also gather other information referring to communication with Users, for instance, any Users’ requests to customer support or any other feedback provided by Users, particularly, feedbacks provided by Users.
    6. The Company can automatically receive information from the User’s browsers or another device, including the IP-address, software and system attributes, web pages requested by the User, mobile identifiers and/or information about other used devices or system level information. This can be done on the Website or third parties’ services. Additional information of how users can control and/or block this way of gathering data can be found below at chapter 6 of this Policy.
    1. Within the framework of its website operation, the Company can gather specific information with the help of different technologies, such as cookies, pixels, and local storage (just like in Your browser or mobile device).
    2. Cookies are short text files, which allow for storing information on a user’s computer, mobile phone or another device.
    3. Pixels are small digital images that are the part of the program code of web pages, which allow another server to determine the popularity of a web page and are often used in tandem with cookies. The program code monitors if and when (and on which page) a pixel was downloaded to note that the user works either with the whole page of the Website or its part.
    4. Thanks to cookies, a web-server can remember, for example, the User’s preferences or system settings on his or her computer, mobile phone or other devices, which then will be automatically applied during the next visit. In other words, cookies also serve to make the Website more user-friendly, for example, allowing the User to skip a registration procedure during his or her next visit. The Company uses both permanent and session cookies. Permanent cookies are stored in the User’s computer for a long time, while session cookies are automatically deleted when closing a browser’s window.
    5. The Company can allow third parties, such as advertising and analytical services suppliers, to gather information using these type of technology directly on a page of the Website or mobile application. All data they gather are protected in accordance with the privacy policies of these third parties.
    6. Please be advised that You can block cookies and other tracking technologies by changing settings in some Internet browsers. At the same time, You should understand that if You deactivate some cookies, the functionality of the online-service can be limited and You will not be able to use all its benefits. Besides, some of the pages can work improperly.
    1. The Company gathers information when users open the Website, log in, order and use our services, send email or contact us via chat.
    2. In order to provide its services, the Company can use information it gathers and stores for the following purposes:
      1. Addressing requests and connecting the User, including sending offers, newsletters, messages, information and requests, advertising;
      2. Providing customer support, including creating and managing user’s accounts;
      3. Informational service, including advertising materials;
      4. Control over general and individual activity of Users;
      5. Contacting users regarding service, operation, etc;
      6. Providing scientific-research and analytical activity to improve our service;
      7. Rating several factors of personal information, particularly, for analyzing and forecasting individual preferences, interests, behavior and location.
    3. The Company will store your personal data as long as it is necessary for achieving goals the data have been gathered for, including performing any juristic, accounting and financial reports.
      If any questions regarding the terms of storing personal data appear please feel free to contact us via chat.
    4. Processed personal data are deleted or impersonalized once the goal of their processing is achieved or when there is no need for their further processing unless otherwise provided by laws or the GDPR.
    5. Over time, we can reduce to minimum the amount of Your personal data we use or even impersonalize them. In this case we can use this information for statistical or other purposes without requesting you because such information is not longer personal data.
    6. Processing personal data is performed in accordance with laws and the GDPR.
    1. The Company can share the information it gathers with affiliated persons. Such third parties can process the personal information only in accordance with the aims described in section 4 of this Policy. At the same time, the shared information remains to be the subject of this Privacy Policy.
    2. The Company doesn’t share personal information with not affiliated persons, unless the other is required by Ukrainian laws.
    3. The Company can employ third-party service providers in order to provide some of its own services. In such cases, the providers are not allowed to use personal data they receive by means of the Website, unless they are used for providing the Company’s services, and the data are the subject of this Privacy Policy.
    4. The Company reserves the right to share information with private persons and official entities in accordance with the requirement of the Ukrainian law.
    5. The Company can share users’ personal information when addressing requests of relevant authorities provided in accordance with the law.
    6. In accordance with the Privacy Policy, the Company assures that it will not rent out or sell any personal data of the User. In case the Company’s business or its part is sold or reorganized and the Company gives all or almost all assets to the new owners, users’ personal data can also be shared.
    7. The company can sell specific impersonalized information (data that do not allow for identifying the User) to third-party service providers, trusted partners or authorized researchers in order to understand better what advertising or services can be interesting to Users, to improve the quality and efficiency of the Website services, or to make its contribution to scientific studies, which, in the Company’s opinion, can provide more social benefits.
    8. In cases when personal data are shared in accordance with section 5 of the Privacy Policy, informing the User of sharing his or her personal data is left to the discretion of the Company.
    9. In order to realize your right of access to your personal data we are ready to provide the data subjects with the information about which their personal data we process. If you want to know which personal data we process, you will be able to request this information any time, including by means of a written request. The list of data we can provide you with can be found in articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR. In doing so, you must let us know your specific needs, so we can address your request in accordance with the law.
      Please note that if we are not able to prove your identity by means of electronic messages or when speaking to you on the phone, or in the event of reasonable doubts about your identity, we can ask you to provide us with a document proving your identity, including your personal appearance at the Company’s residence. Only in this case we can avoid sharing your personal information with persons who could impersonate you. We will process the requests in the shortest possible time, but we want you to understand that providing a full and legal answer to a personal data request is a complex process which can last up to a month.
    1. Access, Correction and Deleting: Users who created an account or placed a post on the Website can get access to the information they provide as well as correct or delete it. The User is responsible for the accuracy of the provided data or messages on the Website. If the User’s account was created via an identification provider (for example, Facebook Connect), the User can turn off or correct the account’s data with the help of identification provider settings (for example, on Provided information can be changed or removed in the private account of a user (“My profile”) on the Website page or in the application. The Company can stop processing personal data of the User if it gets a written notification from the User, revoking the consent for processing personal data.
    2. Choosing external individuals: some external entities which act on the website, for example, Google Adwords, allow users to revoke their consent for gathering and using their data for advertising based on the activity of users. For more details and possible options, please visit
    3. Cookies: The majority of desktop computer and mobile browsers (for instance, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera) provide controls which allow a user to restrict or block cookies installation on your systems. Please note that deactivating cookies in regards to domains of the first category (visited websites) and other domains (websites related to visited ones), in some cases, can lead to limited functionality of such websites.
    1. The company provides data storage and their protection against unauthorized access and sharing in accordance with internal rules and protocols.
    2. All information we gather is reasonably protected with technical tools and security procedures in order to prevent unauthorized access to information or its usage. Persons affiliated with the Company, trusted partners and third-party service providers undertake to use the information received from the Company in accordance with our requirements concerning safety and this Privacy Policy.
    3. Received data remain private unless the User has made them open to general use as well as when the Website technologies and third parties’ software or the settings of the software used by the User allow for free data exchange between these parties or other parties and Internet users.
    4. The Company puts into practice the following requirements of the used law concerning personal data:
      • requirements concerning the privacy of personal data;
      • requirements concerning assuring realization of the rights of a personal data subject;
      • requirements concerning ensuring accuracy of personal data, and, when necessary, their value in regards to the goal of processing the personal data (providing (assuring providing) actions towards deleting or updating incomplete or inaccurate data);
      • requirements concerning personal data protection against unauthorized or occasional access to them, deleting, distorting, blocking, copying, providing, sharing personal data, as well as against other illegal activities regarding personal data;
      • other requirements of the law.
    5. In accordance with the law, the Company determines the list of actions which are necessary and sufficient for providing its responsibilities specified by the law in the field of protection personal data against unauthorized or illegal processing or its occasional loss or removal.
    6. You can use your right for forgetfulness. In cases provided by art.17 of the GDPR, the Company will delete all Your personal data it processes, except for the data we must store according to the law. In this case the Company can also ask You to provide it with a document that proves your identity, including your personal appearance at the Company’s residence.
    7. The company has a huge database containing personal data. In order to ensure its safety we use cloud services provided by DigitalOcean, LLC. The Data is stored in data processing centers in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
    1. This Privacy Policy is dated 24.11.2000. The Company can edit this Privacy Policy or terminate it unilaterally without notifying Users, including the facts when this is required by the law. A new version of the Privacy Policy takes effect upon its promulgation in the Internet following the link provided in this article unless another is provided by the new version of the Privacy Policy. The current version of the Privacy Policy can always be found on
    2. In case the User doesn’t agree with the changes applied to the Privacy Policy by the Company, he or she must refuse the services provided by the Company by means of a written notification sent to the Company’s email. The absence of such a notification means that the User agrees with the current version of the Privacy Policy and accepts it.
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    2. Copmany address: 1 PARADISE PLACE, LONDON, SE18 5EE, GB-ENG
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