Option - Domain and hosting

Option - Domain and hosting

Domain in the .com, .net, .info zones with hosting, cost for 1 year. We're all set up and pass you all accesses.

This option includes a second-level domain and hosting your website on the server of a hosting provider for one year. In a month before the service ends, we will notify you to extend the service.

What is a domain?

A domain name or domain is the name of a site. You enter it in the address bar of a browser to visit the website.

Here is how an address bar looks like:

Everything that comes after «https://» is a domain. In our example, a domain is iwebsite.eu

How it works

In the early days of the Internet, all website addresses were numerical (IP-address). For example: With the growth of the popularity of this technology and its mass use, there was a need for simplifying website names because it was difficult to remember so many numbers. Over time, the Internet technology was improved and it became possible to match numbers with an understandable to a human name of a site. Specifically, IP-address corresponds to the name of the Google.com website.

Why do we need a domain?

  • For your website:
    Without a domain name, people will have to keep in mind the IP-address of your hosting server to reach the website. That’s why you should choose an easy-to-remember domain to make it easier to find you.
  • For your e-mail:
    You can set an e-mail service on your domain. For example, you have registered the bestcars.eu domain and want to make it possible for people to send e-mails to the contact@bestcars.eu address. To make that happen, you’ll need to buy hosting and create an e-mail account.

What does a domain name consist of?

Every domain consists of levels. Doman levels are the parts split with dots.

1. https://**********.eu
EU is a first-level domain, and is a part of the name which is located to the right of the last dot. When registering a domain name you can’t set your own first-level domain. You must choose it among existing ones.

2. https://iwebsite.eu
iwebsite is a second-level domain. This is a part of the name, which is located to the left of the last dot. iwebsite is the second-level domain of the iwebsite.eu name.

3. https://bestcars.co.uk
bestcars is a third-level domain. This is a part of the name, which is located to the left of the dot that goes before the last one.

We offer our customers to choose a second-level domain with the “Domain and hosting” service. This option allows for choosing a beautiful and short name for your website. You can check whether the domain you like is free by following the link bluehost.com/domains, then you should inform us. After you place the order, we will purchase and set everything required, and let you know when everything is done.

What is hosting?

When we enter the name of a site in a browser, we don’t think of how the text, images and design appear. The page is downloaded because somewhere there is a computer that stores files with the website texts, images, video and scripts. Such a computer is called a server. A server stores files with the website content, and downloads them as soon as users visit the website. The more popular a website is, the more resources it needs.

Hosting is necessary to store website files online 24 hours a day, to manage these files and to edit them.

Hosting is a service, which includes the annual leasing of space on the server and its resources. Thus, the payment is charged once a year. Companies that provide hosting services are called hosting-providers or hosters. The job of such companies is to make your website available for customers 24 hours a day.

Summary: Hosting is a place to store files with your website content. A domain is the name of the website.
In order to make the website perform correctly and to make it easier for people to visit it, both domain and hosting are necessary.