Public Offer

This contract is a contact of adhesion established in accordance with the United Kingdom law, extending an offer of (hereinafter – Contractor) and the absolute acceptance of the contract by the customer (hereinafter – Customer).

By accepting this contract, You also agree with the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions of Payment and Refund Policy.

  1. Subject of the contract
    1. The Contractor assures that it will provide the Customer with services (sell products) available on The specific list of services provided to the Customer in accordance with this contract is described in the order. The list, subject and cost of the total variety of services (products) are published on the official website of the Contractor.
    2. The Customer assures that he or she will pay for selected services, which are priced according to the price list provided on the Contractor’s website within the selected tariff plan and terms and conditions of payment.
  2. Acceptance. The provision of services
    1. Ordering a product or service can be done by means of an online order, which requires the Customer to sign in by filling in an online form. When the type of service is selected, the Customer is provided with an automatically-formed invoice made in accordance with the website’s pricing and terms and conditions of payment.
    2. Services are provided to the Customer only after receiving the full payment for one or more billing periods based on the given invoice.
    3. The fact of accepting the public offer and all terms and conditions of this Contract is confirmed by a payment for the selected services (products) by the Customer.
    4. When the payment for services (products) is received, the Contactor sends a letter to the Customer’s email, which contains the proof of completing the order and receiving the payment as well as the form that the Customer must fill in to process the order. The Customer is fully responsible for the completeness, accuracy and validity of the provided information. In the event the Customer doesn’t provide necessary information, the Contractor is not responsible for the quality of its services.
    5. The Contractor processes the order within two business days from the moment it receives all necessary data from the Customer. The countdown starts from the day the Contactor sends a letter with the confirmation of receiving all necessary data. When it comes to an individual project (creating a cooperative website, online store, etc) the time needed to process the order is set and provided to the Customer individually.
  3. Contract price
    1. The contract price consists of the prices of all selected services (products) in accordance with their cost on the website.
    2. Payments for services are done by the Customer in the form of a full upfront payment according to the provided invoice.
    3. The payment is fixed and must be done by the Customer no matter whether the service has been used or not.
    4. The Contractor reserves the right to change pricing for the long-term services (prolongation of a domain name, hosting services, etc) provided to the Customer unilaterally.
    5. All refunds are performed in accordance with the Refund Policy.
  4. Rights and obligations of the parties
    1. The Contractor assures that it will:
      • Provide main and additional services selected and paid by the Customer;
      • Provide technical support on the Customer request and to the extent needed for the correct cooperation between the parties to meet the terms and conditions of this contract;
      • Inform the Customer of any interruption of the services or their expiration;
      • Not share or use personal information (in accordance with the Privacy Policy) except for implementing the conditions of this contract and cases prescribed by the law.
    2. The Customer assures that he or she will:
      • Provide full and valid information. If any documents are required for proving his or her identity, the Customer assures that he or she will provide the Contractor with all necessary data (documents);
      • Comply with the terms and conditions of this Contract;
      • Make payments on time in accordance with the Contract;
      • Refrain from taking any action, both deliberately or involuntarily, that could cause improper operation of the Contactor’ software and/or systems;
      • Not use any services provided by the Contractor for providing activities that contravene national or international law. Any services provided by the Contractor cannot be used for advertising, selling products or another kind of offering products or services, which turnover is forbidden by law either expressly or by implication;
      • Provide all necessary information for processing the order, including both clarifications and information repeatedly requested by the Contractor.
    3. The Contractor has the right to:
      • Receive payments for its services in accordance with this Contract on time;
      • Refuse to provide services or stop providing them without any explanation or refund if it finds out that the service/product is used by the Customer for providing illegal activities.
    4. The Customer has the right to:
      • Use purchased services on its own within the frames prescribed by law and this Contract;
      • Receive technical support, necessary for proper cooperation between the Parties when implementing the conditions of this Contract;
      • Receive bonuses provided by the Contractor.
  5. Duration of the Contract and its termination procedure
    1. The duration of the Contract is set depending on the type of service. When purchasing a domain or hosting, the duration of the Contract is the same as the time of providing such service (1+ year). When purchasing ready-to-use projects, the duration of the Contract ends once the service (product) has been provided.
    2. The Contractor reserves the right to unilaterally apply changes to the text of this Public Offer published on its website (electronic page). The Customer must check the validity of the current contract at least once per month, having read it on the website.
  6. Responsibilities of the Parties
    1. The Contractor is not responsible for:
      • Any interruptions in the services provided to the Customer due to his or her actions or third parties’ actions;
      • Any loss caused to the Customer due to the usage of provided services;
      • Content and accuracy of any information that is provided or received by means of using services;
      • Correct functioning of the Contractor’s equipment and software used by the Customer;
      • Loss of profit and/or income, or indirect losses of the Customer during the use or non-use (totally or partially) of services provided by the Contractor;
      • Operating condition of the network that the Customer is connected to;
      • Content of the information published on the Customer’s website;
      • Amateurish actions of the Customer or his or her representatives related to the usage of the service;
      • Proper functioning of the software given to the Customer in cases when the Customer either deliberately or involuntarily affected its functionality, deleted or edited system or service files;
      • Working capacity and applicability of the software and equipment developed by a third party;
      • Customer’s activities provided without consent documents. The Contractor is not responsible for checking any consent documents of the Customer;
      • Matching the outputs of provided services with the Customer’s expectations;
      • Data security stored on a VPS-server, virtual hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server, the Customer’s VIP-hosting, and their backup.
    2. The Customer is responsible for:
      • Violations of the law done by the Customer or a third party by means of using services provided by the Contactor to the Customer;
      • Nonobservance of the terms and conditions of this Contract;
      • Nonobservance of the payment deadlines and terms of payment.
  7. Force Majeure
    1. None of the Parties is responsible for nonobservance or improper fulfillment of the terms and conditions of this Contract if this happens due to a force majeure event, which could not be forecasted by the Parties or that they could not know about beforehand. Force majeure events include fire, an inundation, earthquake, tsunami, windstorm, tornado, typhoon, landslides, sill flows, snow slides, volcanic explosions, and other natural disasters, wars, revolutions, insurrections, strikes, sabotage and terrorist acts, robbing, power supply system and communication system failures, changes in legislation, actions done by public authorities or their representatives if the actions have a direct impact on the fulfillment of this Contract.