How it works

How it works

Choose blocks reflecting your needs

Employ our user-friendly constructor to build the core for your website, including its head block, called a header, the block of its main content and the lowest part, known as a footer.

Select additional options

Add a touch of Individuality to your site with a broad variety of options and add-ons we offer by choosing the ones that address your needs.

Approving and receiving an email with a fill in form

Tell us about your project. Provide us with the content, drawings and other stuff you’d like to place on the website via a regular Word document and we will breathe new life into your project.

Adding content and preparing your layout

Congratulations, you’re done! Now, let our team do the rest of the job while you’re having lunch. Till the end of your business lunch we’ll provide you with a working template and email you a link to the ready-to-use website

Project release

Once we receive your approval or feedback, and apply all desired corrections (if there are any), your website will be available for users throughout the world on your hosting platform.