Terms and Conditions of Payment on iwebsite.eu

Terms and Conditions of Payment on iwebsite.eu

Dear Customers! Our Company offers You the most useful and simplest payment methods.

Your services can be paid:

  • Through the Fondy system (with any Visa, MasterCard card, etc);
  • By cash;
  • By transferring money to a PrivatBank card (in response to a custom request).

All necessary payment details will be available once you confirm the order and will either appear on the website or be provided by sending an email with the invoice to your email address (for custom orders, such as SMM and corporate websites). The charges will be provided in accordance with the project you’ve ordered or services under the Contract.

If any additional suggestions for correcting the project appear after you accept the project, they must be paid separately by means of providing an additional invoice.

Please note that you are responsible for all additional payments and fees that may appear in case of using bank wire transfers.

In case of ordering services that call for extending (buying a domain, hosting, etc), we will notify you of that and provide you with an invoice in a month before the service ends.

The payment date is the date of the successful transaction when the payment is credited to our account (set by the payment agent). When paying with a credit or debit card through the Fondy system, Your account will be charged immediately upon payment.

You should pay attention to the payment details you enter, since you are fully responsible for their completeness and accuracy. Please also note that all the data you enter are required by our Privacy Policy you have read and accepted.